Oblomovies film productions

Oblomovies Oy has been founded 1990 by Pia Tikka (CEO, Director-Producer) and Nina Stenros (Director-Producer). It produces long features and experimental short films with drama content, and develops interactive and enactive cinematic storytelling and related media technologies for augmented cinema, mobiles, and game platforms.

The Oblomovies filmography includes international co-productions such as SAND BRIDE (Dir. Pia Tikka; Fiction, Finland 75’) produced by Mika Kaurismäki in association with Marianna Films, Finland, 1997, and DAUGHTERS OF YEMANJÁ (Dir. Pia Tikka; Fiction, Brazil-Finland 78’) produced by Mika Kaurismäki in association with Miraset Films, Brazil.

The company’s interactive fiction productions include THE THIRD WOMAN, an experimental mobile phone film and public game directed by Pia Tikka & Martin Rieser, and produced by Pia Tikka in association with IOCT/De Montfort University [UK] 2009. The short film OBSESSION (Prod./Dir. Pia Tikka, 2004) was further developed into an ENACTIVE CINEMA INSTALLATION OBSESSION, which pioneered biosensor-based interactive viewing experience in the Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA, Helsinki, 2005. Oblomovies has in on-going development the EGO CURE production  by Synes Eliscshka, exploring possibilities for storytelling in cinematic virtual reality (VR).

Currently Oblomovies has five international co-production films in development:  science-fiction film SOULTECH, romantic comedy WHAT A HEAVENLY WEDDING DAY, and an action-thriller THE REAL PRINCESS, written by Eeva R. Tikka, have received screenplay development funding from the Finnish Film Foundation. The action epoch FREEWAY is based on an original idea by Anu Valve.

A feature THE MAIDEN OF DUSK is at the later stage of development scheduled for 2016. The film has received scriptwriting and development funding from the Finnish Film Foundation, and the international co-production is currently developed in collaboration with Revolver Film, Estonia.




Drama with magical realism

Original idea, director Pia Tikka

Screenplay Eeva R Tikka & Pia Tikka

See Mood Movie  A feature film in development.

Scheduled shooting summer 2017.



Romantic comedy

Original story and screenplay Eeva R Tikka




Director Pia Tikka

Original story and screenplay Eeva R Tikka



Science-fiction action

Original idea Mauri Tikka

Original story and screenplay Eeva R Tikka & Mauri Tikka



Action drama based on true story

Original idea Anu Valve


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film and interactive media productions